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Pan Am Games – Lima PER – Day 8, Final Results

Yesterday, the second half of the Medal Races were held at the Pan American Games Lima 2019 . Overall, the USA won 2 Gold Medals with Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis (Nacra) and Ernesto Rodriguez/Hallie Schiffmann (Snipe), 3 Silver Medals with Charlotte Rose (Laser Radial), Pedro Pascual (RS:X men windsurfers) and Stephanie Roble/Maragret Shea USA (49erFX) and 2 Bronze Medals with Charlie Buckingham (Laser Standard) and William Cyr (Kite). The Canadian Team won one Gold Medal with Sarah Douglas (Laser Radial), one Silver Medal with Luke Ramsay (Sunfish) and one Bronze Medal with Alexander Heinzemann/Justin Barnes CAN (49ers).—– Please link on the updated Final Results of all North American sailors/teams and check the US Sailing daily update for news details. —– Hereafter, all Pan American Games Medal Winners:—– Lasers Standard: 1st Juan Maegli GUA, 2nd Bruno Fontes BRA, 3rd Charlie Buckingham USA —– Laser Radial: 1st Sarah Douglas CAN, 2nd Charlotte Rose USA, 3rd Lucia Falascia ARG. —– 49ers: 1st Marco Grael/Gabriel Borges BRA, 2nd Klaus and Yago Lange ARG, 3rd Alexander Heinzemann/Justin Barnes CAN. —– 49ersFX: 1st Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA, 2nd Stephanie Roble/Margaret Shea USA, 3rd Victoria Travascio/Sol Branz ARG. —– RS:X men windsurfers: 1st Bautista Saubidet ARG, 2nd Pedro Pascual USA, 3rd Mack Eerenbeemt ARU. —– RS:X women windsurfers: 1st Patricia Freitas BRA, 2nd Celia Tejerina ARG, 3rd Maria Bazo PER. —– Snipes: 1st Ernesto Rodriguez/Hallie Schiffmann USA, 2nd Ricardo Fabini/Florencia Parnizari URU, 3rd Juliana Duque/Rafael Martins BRA. —–Nacras-17: 1st Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis USA, 2nd Matep Majdalani/Eugenia Bosco ARG, 3rd Samuel Albrecht/Gabriela Nicolino BRA. —– Lightnings: 1st Javier Conte/Paula Salerno/Ignacio Giammona ARG, 2nd Claudio Biekarch/Isabel Ficker/Gunnar Ficker BRA, 3rd Felipe Robles/Andres Guevara/Paula Herman CHI. —– Sunfish: 1st Matheus Dellagnelo BRA, 2nd Luke Ramsay CAN, 3rd Renzo Sanguinetti PER. —– Kites: 1st Bruno Lobo BRA 1st, 2nd Nicolas Landauer URU, 3rd William Cyr USA. —– The daily schedule with links to the ranking lists.