five years and counting

Big Pimpin'

Approaching five years on the market, the Trogear Bowsprit is now on 100+ types of yachts in 25 countries. The unique, adjustable bowsprit, available in 4 standard models, has found a niche with yachts without a sprit whose skippers want to use an asymm as well as the Code 0 sail gaining in popularity in recent years.

The patented solution offers several advantages. Made from carbon fiber, it is lightweight and strong. Installation methods maintain a clutter free bow area and with a hinge mount installation it is vertically adjustable, a feature that provides extra benefits: Flip it up to store at the dock avoiding extra fees and to more easily change sails out on the water, and with an adjustable bobstay you can adjust the luff tension of the sails without leaving the cockpit.

Ease of use was at the core of company founder, Henry Dokonal’s development process. “During short-handing you are looking to simplify maneuvers and improve safety. The spinnaker pole didn’t fit in this scenario and the success of bowsprits on new yachts on the market was pretty much proof of concept, “ he stated “however, locating an aftermarket sprit that facilitated the use of off wind sails and could handle a Code 0 proved elusive, so I created my own.” After a several year development and testing cycle the bowsprit hit the market.

“We do listen to our adopters, and do what we can to provide the service and products that will ensure a good fit and sailing experience.” said Claude Kerno from Trogear USA . “We spend time with our customers before and even after a sale to be sure the sprit size and install method will work well for the particular yacht.”

In response to demands from racers wishing to minimize race penalties, Trogear will customize the length of its sprits, producing a “delphinière” with an extension of as little as 18”. The Trogear has seen action in renowned races such as The Rolex Sydney Hobart, Newport Bermuda, Marblehead to Halifax, Race to Mackinac, the European ORC Championships and the Transpac proving its durability.

Not only for racing yachts, there are also options for boats with a bow roller often found on cruising and mixed purpose yachts. Most recently, Trogear expanded its offering adding two new models, the ATLAS and MAXI, to handle the load demands of larger yachts from 50’-70’.

“It’s been quite a journey, and we appreciate all who have helped in our success especially our adopters, distributors, the sailmakers, and Sailing Anarchy who we have advertised with from day one.”