No real surprise coming from a bunch of people who wish we didn’t even exist. Waaa! What, we aren’t fellating you like some of the other remora in the media, so we don’t get a media pass??  Could you be more pathetic?

Oh and by the way, we aren’t a “forum”, ding dong.

Dear Applicant,

I hope this email finds you well. We have reviewed your accreditation request for Cowes, and I am awfully sorry but we will not be able to approve it. We are following our media guidelines for accreditation which are here, and we accredit media representatives on assignment for professional media. I am afraid that as Sailing Anarchy is a forum, it is not entailed

We understand your interest in SailGP and are very happy about the coverage, and interest. Once again, very sorry we cannot give you accreditation for the event. You will still be able to follow the races on all our platforms: our website will provide you with the latest updates and data without needing specific access: media.sailgp.com. On it, you will find our rights-free images, taken by professional renowned photographers: images.sailgp.com; our press releases and video assets: media-assets.sailgp.com, as well as our media guide. You can also download the app to access the data in real time. Finally, you will find out how to follow the races live here: sailgp.com/watch

Have a lovely day,
Kind regards,

Amélie Bouan
Media Services Manager, SailGP