22 second shit box

You may recall that upon losing first overall in the 2016 Newport to Ensenada Race by 25 seconds, and then losing first overall in the Santa Barbara to King Harbor Race that same year by 4 seconds, both on my Melges 32 Anarchy, I titled both articles about that as 25 Second Shit Box, and then 4 Second Shit Box.

Now, I am happy to report that we sailed my Flying Tiger 10 A4 in this year’s Santa Barbara to King Harbor to a 22 second gap, this time to the good!

We just nipped Dr. Laura’s J-125 Warrior by that amount for first ULDB overall, and First overall, overall. It was a great race, good breeze in the high teens, low 20’s, nice little waves to jump on, and we rocked that Tiger hard, finishing the 81 mile race in a tad over 9 hours.

I tried my best to give the entire race away on the way to Anacapa Island, but we sailed the backside smartly, and thanks to Mark Michaesen’s excellent weather forecasting, we stayed slightly outside to King Harbor, stayed in pressure the entire 50 mile leg, got headed in perfectly and boom! Props to the modded 1D 35 Mexican Divorce and Kenny Keiding’s J-111 Argo for pushing us really hard throughout the entire race.

In no way could this boat have won without my amazing crew. Yuuuge thanks to Paige Johnstone, Steph Clancy, Eric Heim, Andrew LaPlant and shore/delivery stud Taylor Schlub and Paul Vara.  That’s Eric, Paige and Steph pictured here absolutely shredding in the peak breeze. It was just one of those races that you cherish forever.

Results here. Thread here.