party’s over

What a bummer for our boys on the Infiniti 46 Maverick…

The party came to a grinding halt last night with our prized A2 parting ways with the rig and ending up in the sea. We lost a bunch of miles and took awhile to get sorted out but normal service has returned.

A broken halyard, mid peel, was the culprit and we saw the results this morning with BadPak stepping out on us. Sometimes we need to remember we are just 46ft long and a pretty small 46ft at that but losing miles, even to bigger boats still hurts.

Today has been frustrating, with wind not quite enough to keep us on the step for long, although we are now cruising along at 13/14 it’s like driving a Ferrari in 2nd gear and if only the wind would just increase a few knots….. but then, I am sure everyone says the same thing!

On board things are pretty good, high levels of banter and piss taking which with 5 Aussies, 1 Irishman, 2 Brits and a polyglot Spaniard is to be expected. All systems working, although we are not able to peel anymore as we have the broken halyard which just means the A2 is staying up come what may…..this could get expensive. Follow the fleet here.

Team Maverick