being there

It’s not very often you do a race where no one on board has ever done it before, where you have no reference to previous races and yachts. that is how it is on Maverick – in a way it is nice not to have any preconceptions but knowing the way clearly has its benefits! right now we have finally got some wind, 18-20 knots and this means DSS foils are in play and the smiles are back. We gybed in sync with Caro, the Botin 65 a few hours ago and have gained bearing and separation, so that’s good for us to see. Having not seen another race boat for days we passed a couple this morning on the other gybe. Right now it’s speeds of 15-21 knots and 3 guys on deck with another couple of guys reading books on the sail bag at the transom…..minimalist cruising. Inside the boat is just what you’d expect after 5 days. no showers and high humidity so we do not need to go there.

The one thing we are all agreed on as first timers is that this is an epic race, with awesome conditions and we are lucky to be out here flying along in great conditions, even if we do not know who won the World Cup Cricket final between England and New Zealand…. but its a small price for this great ride and remembering what it is like to go ocean racing.

Team Maverick