up above it

Truly one of the most impressive boats in this year’s Transpac is the Infiniti 46 Maverick.  So far, they are shredding the sleds and if it blows hard, they will be gone… – ed.

This morning I realized we’d settled into the 4hr rolling watch system nicely when there was a heated debate as to what day it was. Some argue 3, others say Day 4 begins at lunch time…all I know is that we are still eating freeze-dried from Day 2 (you can draw your own conclusions!)

We changed mode in the pre-dawn hours; from blasting on a Full main, A3 and staysail with DSS foil deployed (great fun..!), to a more VMG mode of Full main, A2 and spinni-staysail with DSS foil in or out depending on true windspeed. Anything over 16kts True and we find the foil is definitely quicker and keeps the bow up. Anything less…well, we haven’t had much of that thankfully so hammer down to Hawaii.

Team Maverick