Patience paid off, blast reaching since we broke into the synoptic breeze yesterday around midday, feeling good as we charge along the Hawaii routing on the Infiniti 46, Maverick. (Picture thanks to McConaghy)

Had some fun with the Navy life firing demonstration yesterday.┬áHad to commence negotiations with them at 0800hrs on the 14th as they politely requested we deviate from our 230 degree course heading to head 50 degrees off course due south 180 degrees for 35 nautical miles…… Once we explained to them what we were up to, and noted another 20 boats were following a similar line they agreed to allow us to steer 200 degrees…a great result given the alternative. Heard two missile launches but nothing more.

We are currently the most westerly boat(other than Comanche & Rio100) with northern leverage on the chasing pack of Badpak (6nm abeam and slightly behind) and Alive who are coming fast on FRO.

Next 24-48 hrs tweaking the lane in the slot car leg will be interesting. Everyone is lining up to short the course and cut the corner, fingers crossed we don’t sail too close to it.

All the best,
Mike Team Maverick