to infiniti and beyond

Our first onboard report from the infiniti 46 Maverick which is doing really well in the light  air on the race to Hawaii.  Wait till they get some breeze – the thing is a banshee. Funny to see so many of the big boats that have covered way less than 100 miles (like 60!) in the first 24 hours.  Track ’em here.

After 24 hours we are finally sailing in the right direction and without sails flapping. A long night of R1 to Windseeker and back as we crawled away from the beaches of California (with some regret it must be said), we have finally got moving.

The sky and seascape reminds us of England and a Fastnet, grey and cold and the wind never seeming to do what you would like it to do. That said, we have no real idea of how we are doing against the fleet but spent the night battling away with various boats who were not familiar to us non locals. This morning we passed an island, the name of which eludes me, but we were in good company with Peligroso and both found ourselves on the naughty step with the chaps on the island responsible for launching rockets.

Apparently it was necessary to launch a rocket or two this morning, and we were in the way. However, they were so polite we complied with their request, thinking that if someone wants to fire a pistol on the beach then who are we to interfere….. the noise from the beach rather put paid to that as what sounded like Armageddon.

Since then the wind has increased to 10 knots and we are sailing with R1, staysail, full main, canted keel and DSS, so happier boys on board. No more seals which we will miss, no more kelp, which we will not…… finally heading to the islands. – Gordon Kay.