the thrill is gone

Haven’t we all gone through stages like this? I know I did when I left sail making – didn’t care if I ever sailed again. But then, like all good addictions, you get called back. You can never leave! – ed.

The first time I stepped aboard a sailboat I was home.  For the next 49 years it was always that way.  This year we bought a boat.  I thought I’d be in heaven but I’m not.

Most all my sailing was on Lake Michigan.  Cruised Chicago to Mac and back no less than 8 times.  When we got back I always wanted to turn around and just sail away.  It’s always been like that.  Until now.

We were out today and hit 7.5 kn SOG.  I didn’t care.  All I could think of was heading back home.  This is so strange.  I don’t know what it is.

Maybe it’s age.  Maybe it’s the goddamnfucking Florida heat.  Maybe it’s shallow Charlotte Harbor that makes you tack every fucking 10 minutes.  Maybe it’s all of that.  All I know is I don’t care about sailing now.  This is really weird.

Has anyone else experienced this? Jump in the thread and discuss