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Not Sailing

Not Sailing But…..

We often complain that top sailors, in the main, do not have the same earnings capacity as other sports but it would appear that other sports, internally, have similar problems.

I am bound to get flak from certain directions but those who know me, know that I am not “-ist” or  “- phobic” in any manner at all be it skin color, sexual orientation, age (young or old) at all. In fact in my day job I have friends and clients in all directions and as a whitey living in China it would be a bit difficult if I had at least one of those hang ups.

The United States Women’s Football Team has just won the World Cup and all congratulations to them. They did not just dominate the tournament but have been at the top of the tree for a long time but statements like “we could not have done it without gays” should really be beneath them. Do they think they are the only team of mixed orientation that have won a world prize?

In reality a statement that they couldn’t have done it without the whole team whatever their lack of “-isms” are would have been much more appropriate. Their captain’s statement suggests that this   “-ism” is more important than any other – which it is not!

They also need to realize that soccer (rest of the world just calls it football) is a sport but it is also a business, a huge business. The income stream of this global business is primarily generated by gate receipts, sponsorship, replica kit sales and TV rights and varies dramatically from country to country, league to league and club to club. If the women’s game raises the same level of revenue as the men’s game (which it clearly does not) then YES the players should receive the same sort of remuneration that the men (at the highest level) enjoy.

It must be remembered that first and foremost, these days, and for club owners especially it is business first. When (and I could be wrong with the personalities and amounts coz I am not a fan of the game) Juventus signed Ronaldo for an extreme amount of money something around 80% of the signing fee was recouped within weeks just in shirt sales. Could any current woman or woman’s club get anywhere near the levels of money in the men’s game?

However to expect the same level of income currently would be rather like a female CEO of equal skills to Apple CEO, Tim Cook expecting the same package whilst running a company with a several times smaller income and profit level.

Once woman’s football becomes the equal of men’s football in the terms of the income it generates then, of course, women SHOULD receive equal pay. Until then I am afraid they will, as a game, have to cut their cloth accordingly OR bankrupt the game and kill the golden goose. – SS.

Title inspiration thanks to the Crystal Method