real deal holyfield?

Pull up to the table, and get yourself ready to feast on some Grade A Class 40 French Beef!!

Today the first official global race for the Class 40s was announced. But wasn’t that announced last month?

If you’ve been paying attention, you would notice that there are now 2 races claiming the title as THE Class40 round the world race. But one of them is the real deal, and the other is a fraud. Can you tell the difference between The Race Around and the Globe40?

Let’s just start with the facts. When it comes to the international Class40 Association, there has been only one race officially endorsed by the Class. This Race will be the one that actually fits within the already-formed Class40 Racing schedule and championship circuit. This Race is The Race Around. www.theracearound.com

The Race Around was announced today by the Manuka Sports Event Management and 5 Oceans Sports Marketing groups with the full endorsement from Class40. This Race will attempt to further propel the Class forward, with a true international course complete with a Prologue in a northern European city, start in Portugal, then onto a challenging course to South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, and finish back to Portugal.

And believe it or not, this Race Around the world is NOT trying to happen in 2021!! The Race Around is scheduled for late summer 2023, which would fit perfectly within a 4-year Class40 campaign that follows the 2022 Route de Rhum. The intention is to make this global race a cornerstone of the Class40 Championship, and it is already well on its way.

So what’s the deal with the Globe40? Well check out the race details, and you’ll see why this event just didn’t make the cut. First of all, it somehow managed to plot a multi-stop race around the world with basically only French stopovers. Give us a break! Even French-dominated Class40 Association said… uh no. Not to mention the 2021/2022 race schedule eliminates the ability to compete in Class40 marquee events like the Transat Jacques Vabre and Route de Rhum. So who is going to be doing this exactly?

The Globe40 claims to be more affordable/accessible, but after speaking directly with The Race Around organizers, I’ve been assured that the race fees and logistical support will likely be even better. Not to mention the fact that The Race Around will actually attract proper Class40 campaigns and sponsors.

The only thing that the Globe40 had going for it is the PR stunt it pulled. Allegedly the organizer got wind that the Class40 Association wasn’t going to pick his French-focused race, and instead was going for the Internationally in-tune Race Around. So the Globe40 jumped the gun, made a dumb video, and announced their race to try and steal the public opinion.

But you know what I say for jumping the gun? A fucking penalty turn, at least! Now watch and learn how a real PR game is played.

The always-proper, British gentlemen behind The Race Around of course do not address this Globe40 drama in their press release. So the American in me decided to do it for them. The record is now set straight, and since we’re on the record, I think we will be putting our name in the hat for the Race Around. Standby for all the exclusives @oceanracers. Title inspiration here.

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