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Anyone managed to squeeze a fat head mainsail (40-60% of foot) into a roller boom? Sailmaker is hesitant based on the diagonal gaff batten and amount of stiffness needed in the head.

Figured I can either remove the gaff batten when putting the sail away or maybe it will roll if I manually pull the sail down and out of the feeder before the gaff goes into the mandrel. For the stiffness maybe there is a way to stiffen in other ways? with the batten arrangement?


Leisure furl ~70 Sqm sail, 6m boom, 15m tri, unfortunately no outside track for batten cars, but a aluminum groove on a carbon mast for a bolt rope sewed into the sail.

Would like to keep the roller system if possible, since I single hand often, and it’s quite nice once you figure out how to not jam it often.

If you know of a sailmaker with experience at this, even better! Jump in the thread.