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Figaro 3 – La Solitaire – Baie de Morlaix FRA – Leg 3 – Day 2, 60nm lead for a trio, bulk of 46 solo skippers trailing in light winds and currents

As to expect based on the weather forecast, light winds and the strong tide current heavily influenced racing right from the beginning of leg 3. Tanguy Le Turquais FRA trying an extreme course along the coast even went aground and had to be towed off. Here the video. The trio Alexis Loison FRA, Gildas Mahé FRA and Anthony Marchand FRA opted for the fastest route and, approaching the way point Hand deeps at the English South Coast, they had a 60 mile advantage this morning UTC. The bulk of the fleet stays closely together. Rank 34 is only 20nm behind rank 4 and anything can happen to the solo skippers in the very light, variable winds and the still strong current on the very busy English Channel. —– The race tracker and the news (in French and English).