One of the best things about our sport is the new acquaintances and friends that we make along the way. I can state unequivocally that most of my closest and dearest friends have been made through sailing.

One of my recent new friends is Christi, seen here in adventure land on A4. She was introduced to me by friend Danny North, and despite her lack of experience and some of the ugliest bruises I have ever seen, (acquired by sailing with us for the first time), she seemed to really like the racing with us.

Since then,  she has enrolled in sailing classes, women’s sailing clinics and still comes out for the physical and mental abuse on A4! She is smart, funny, tough and she now has the addiction, from which we know there is no cure!

PS – I am going to have our excellent bowman, Andrew LaPlant start to begin teaching her how to do bow, starting this Wed night – she’s good, passionate and I think she’s ready.

Photo thanks to the lovely and talented Cynthia Sinclair.