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Hey Ed!  Farallones race on our new JPK 1080 “Psycho Tiller” this past weekend.  We caught a bit of video, feel free to post it if you have a place for it and it’s not too boring.  Won’t hurt my feelings at all if you don’t have a use for it, totally get how most sailing videos are like watching paint dry and only the guy making the video (me in this case) finds it interesting.

We’re far from expert pro’s, not the worst but not the best out there either.  Nobody has more fun than we do though, if for no other reason other than simple pleasures for simple minds.  First time we’ve had the boat in real breeze downwind and it did not disappoint.  She’s super stiff and stable in a breeze, surfs waves like Kelly Slater and seems to just want more wind to go faster and faster.  Hit a top boat speed record for the new ride of 20.8. All this in a boat that’s sophisticated enough to have wine, cheese and crackers down below apres race.  The French would have it no other way!

Swell was around 6-7ft, winds started off light inside the bay but mostly high teens low 20’s for the majority of the day except for that one painful wind hole at the end of the day which had us questioning our choice in leisure activities.  But besides that it was an awesome day with an even more awesome group of peeps.
– Psycho Tiller.