You may have heard that our friends at Atlas Ocean Racing have suffered a loss of one of their boats, the Volvo 60 Esprit du Corps. They were returning to Canada after a very successful Caribbean winter circuit and approaching the entrance to Lunenburg harbor when they were caught in a sudden squall. A headsail went over the side and got tangled up with the propellor rendering the engine useless. The boat drifted toward land and washed up on the rocks. Salvage was difficult and the boat continued to sustain additional damage. Recently, in cooperation with their insurance company, they declared the boat a complete loss.

Great Circle Sails have enjoyed a long and very good relationship with Atlas Ocean Racing supplying them with new sails and great service. In return they remained loyal customers and provided us with some excellent images of our sails being used in all kinds of conditions. We have used the photos in our marketing efforts with great success. We are really saddened by the loss of this boat, as we would be by the loss of any boat, but we know the team well and they are resilient and will bounce back.

They are also environmentally conscious and are planning to remove every last bit of broken boat from the shoreline and have have a team on site continuously cleaning up. Their dedication to leaving the area pristine comes at a cost and they are seeking the help of other sailors with a gofundme page. As sailors we all know how quickly things can go wrong and we know that this could have happened to any of us. The Atlas Ocean Racing team are experienced sailors. Please see if you can help them in their efforts. I know that your contribution in any amount will be gratefully appreciated. You can support the team HERE. – Brian Hancock.