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Colligo Marine offers the best value synthetic standing rigging in the market. From traditional sailing craft to modern multihulls, Mini-class racing boats and classic yawls, Colligo Marine has simple, elegant and robust standing-rigging solutions for the discerning sailor. Our innovative technology has enabled us to create the safest standing rigging system.

Colligo Dux Standing Rigging system is fully inspectable with visible failure mode cues. Our standing rigging has low stretch properties that are similar to steel and take advantage of the low weight & corrosion-free properties. To date, we have provided standing rigging to over 800 sailboats worldwide, multihulls and monohulls alike to 100 feet LOA

Additionally, Colligo Dux is lightweight and strong. Dux is transformed through a process of heating and stretching the rope until virtually all the ‘constructional elongation’ (that is stretch due to the braid of the rope tightening) is removed. What’s left is a rope vastly lighter than wire with equivalent stretch.

Our Colligo Dux is UV resistant and easy to splice. Dux-as-standing rigging will last a minimum of 5-8 years in the tropics, possibly longer. And that’s completely uncovered. If you’ve ever spliced standard Dyneema or other 12-strand braided rope, you can splice Dux. In fact, the inherent stiffness of Dux makes it even easier. Creep also has never been an issue with any boats that we have rigged as we know what creep is and design for it up front. This is why Colligo Marine is the best synthetic standing rigging option.

You don’t have to pay big bucks for Carbon Rigging to get the same benefits. Colligo Dux is usually ¼ to ⅕ the cost of Carbon rigging.

Colligo Marine was created by sailors for sailors. Form follows function in all of our products, which are custom designed in our California studio, prototyped by sailors around the world, and shipped directly to our customers. The engineers carefully crafted and designed this new technology that is revolutionizing the sailing industry.

Colligo Marine uses the highest quality materials with ‘Finite Element Analysis’ coupled with mechanical testing to verify all modeling. Other Colligo Marine products include our Spinnaker Furlers, which are made for furling curved luff asymmetrical spinnaker sails. Top Down style spinnaker furlers use a torsionally stiff “Torque Rope,” and Colligo Marine has the best torque rope on the market!

We also offer other great products such as, Static Blocks (Stackers), Soft Padeyes, Terminator Fittings, and more. Make sure you check out our shop !