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AIS (Automatic Identification System) Man Overboard Beacons allow for immediate rescue from your own vessel or ships within line-of-sight range. The MOB symbol shows up on all AIS equipped devices including chart plotters, ECDIS and radar. This is quite different from, but complimentary to, PLBs and EPIRBS which transmit via 406 MHz to a satellite and then relays the information to the appropriate SAR (Search and Rescue) authority. It takes time for the SAR team to verify the validity of the information (97% of all activations are false alarms) and launch SAR assets. Meanwhile there are often ships within sight that could achieve the rescue if they knew you were there, especially at night.

Winner of the 2017 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award, The Flare ECO, made in Austria, is the smallest unit in the world at 90 grams, broadcasts for 72 hours (3 times longer than competitors) and is the only unit with a USCG letter of conformity. By programming your MMSI number into the unit, the beacon will also send the MOB alert to your vessel’s VHF radio via DSC. Of course it is waterproof to 10 meters, has a flashing strobe light and the battery is guaranteed for 5 years.

Designed for auto activation with inflatable PFDs, this is the best AIS/MOB available in the world and is offered at the very best price of any unit. The Flare ECO is sold directly to the customer and is not available in stores. We program the MMSI number in before shipping or it can be customer entered with our Android based Ap. We also have the only SOLAS approved AIS/MOB available in the world, the Sea Angel SA15. Visit www.aquaventures.net for more information and to order.