here we go again

The European Laser class EurILCA addressed this May 30 a circular to its district officers.

The circular explains first the relative silence of the Europeans in the past weeks, regarding all the actions taken by the international Laser class ILCA, including the termination of the world’s largest Laser builder LaserPerformance and the name change operated by ILCA.

EurILCA didn’t make a lot of communications during the last weeks regarding the termination of Laser Performance as a party to the LCMA (Laser Construction Manual Agreement) and the action done by the ILCA executives. The reason for our silence was to preserve the class and to not have a negative impact on the voting for the Olympics.

The document acknowledges that the vote by the World Council of World Sailing was just a first step towards seeing the Laser at the 2024 Olympics.

The positive voting of the World Sailing World Council was only the first step. A FRAND (Fair Reasonable And Non Discriminatory) agreement must be adopted by the 1st of August in order that the Laser Standard and Radial stay Olympic (condition imposed by World Sailing Council).

The document indicates that it was upon the request of EurILCA that a conciliatory meeting took place at World Sailing on May 22nd.  Read our article about this meeting:  Laser Kumbaya: One Week After.

After the meeting and after having met with LP and World Sailing in preparation of the meeting we are optimistic that a FRAND agreement can be reached between World Sailing and the three existing boat builders.

As further discussed, the Europeans seek the re-integration of Laser Performance as an approved builder, along with the Australian and Japanese builders PSA and PSJ. The document also calls for the Laser name to be kept for the boat. The circular calls for a European, Beat Heinz, from Germany, to be the official representative of ILCA at future negotiations with World Sailing and the builders.  Read on.

Title inspiration thanks to Schooly D