on the chopping block

This is a call to anyone planning on saving this piece of history,

Ingenuity and the goal of pushing human limits is a understatement of Hydroptere’s existence, she wasn’t purposely  abandoned in Hawaii, her owner pushed his financial resources to the edge in the passion of establishing  another record. Her failure was due to a non cooperating weather window, and lack of support from a country that doesn’t think much of sailing.

The call is for anyone brave enough to save her to PLEASE CONTACT ME, as I don’t want to be the one person to save her, I have $8k left on my last credit card, AND if I have to I will use my meager resources to save her, the auction is a legal move to establish ownership for the goal of cutting her up.

I get the logistics are overwhelming, I don’t really care that most of the world walks away or runs from the thought of saving her, when we are dead and gone nobody will care, but Hydroptere is the best of what human beings can be. – Stephen Marcoe.

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