pedal to the metal

It only takes a couple of knots of extra breeze to transform M32 racing as these lightweight, potent catamarans respond immediately to the slightest increase in pressure.

Until today, conditions at the Cetilar M32 European Series Pisa have typically been sub-six knots, conditions that would be below the racing threshold for many other classes. But for the M32 fleet there was still meaningful, tactical racing right down the wind range where the key ingredients for success have been keeping boat speed up at all costs and minimising manoeuvres.

But today, the strategy was different, for the first race at least. This one was all about speed.
Just six to nine knots of gradient breeze from the north was all it took to provide a completely different look and feel to the racing as the fleet performed a slingshot reaching start, followed by a headlong charge to the first mark – hulls flying and umpire chase boats working hard to keep pace. Everyone’s foot was to the floor.

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