who fucked the finn?

The mid-year meeting of World Sailing saw voting taking place on the single-handed dinghy for the 2024 Olympics. Or more precisely, on the single-handed dinghies for the 2024 Olympics.And that’s very different, as there were indeed two separate votes for the men and the women single-handed dinghies, which means different boats for men and women could in theory have been selected.

Contrary to the logic that governed the re-evaluation of equipment for over a year, equipment committee members and member national authorities were offered the opportunity to vote for two different boats.

This could have been for example the Devoti Zero for women and the Melges 14 for men, or the RS Aero for women and the Laser for men, or any other combination among the four contenders.

That came as a surprise, as everything seemed geared towards having delegates to vote for the same boat for men and women. When voting took place last week-end, nobody was ready to cast different votes for men and women.

Had World Sailing conducted differently its equipment re-evaluation, could the Finn have been on the ballot?

And could the Finn still be voted upon to be the male single-handed dinghy for 2024?