funny, but looks aren’t everything

Originally drawn by the Late/Great Doug Peterson as a trailerable dumbed down version of his 1/4 Ton Design, Star Eyed Stella.

About 60 built in Australia by Tom Stephenson as a Seaway 25.Tom won the 1/2 Ton Cup in 1975 in Foxy Lady,one of Dougs designs.Tommy went on to become Peterson’s agent in Australia.

Originally had 500kg of internal ballast,and I put about 200 kg of that back on the lengthened Centreboard. Found an old Carbon 18ft Skiff Mast and Boom.Bringing recycling to a waterway near you. It should be a good thing under IRC.

We finally worked through all the formalities and got my boat out of Singapore off the docks, towed into Malaysia,then out of Malaysia and finally into Thailand where we are now working around the clock trying to get the thing finished for Koh Samui Regatta that starts Monday week.

Some Singapore copper sent me down the car lane at Customs.I told him the thing would not fit but he did not listen, the dopey prick. Sure enough the boom gate comes crashing down on the boat and WWIII has started. The whole exit lane is blocked. No one can get out of Singapore by car. I am surrounded by 20 coppers yelling at me in their native tongue .Car Keys and Passport confiscated. Plenty going on. No guns drawn, but I might tune up the story a bit to include some fire power! One hour or so later I am cleared to go. – Anarchist Michael