We snagged this document from the ILCA…

Update from International Laser Class Association (ILCA)

Dear World Sailing Council/Committee Member:

ILCA is pleased to see the report of the World Sailing Evaluation Panel stating that the Laser Class boats are “well suited for selection” for the 2024 Olympics.

ILCA emphasizes that, we are more than well suited, we are well proven and we are clearly the best and only choice for the 2024 Olympics and beyond.

We circulate this document because ILCA understands some MNAs and Council Members may
have questions regarding recent actions involving our class.

The Laser and Laser Radial Classes are by far the two largest, most universal, most gender equal Olympic sailing classes.
ILCA has now established policies to ensure we are fully compliant with World Sailing’s Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (FRAND) builder licensing policy.

ILCA is excited about the opportunities this new structure provides to grow our class and our sport on a worldwide basis and ILCA has the strength and experience to manage this process effectively.

With the potential for builders and suppliers on every continent, ILCA looks forward to a new era of growth and support for our sport – from the grassroots to the top Olympic level.

Recommendation to World Sailing Council:

Council should vote to retain the Laser and Laser Radial Class boats for the 2024 Olympics. The Laser class is the clear choice for our sport, for gender equality, and to provide opportunities for all countries to take part in Olympic sailing regardless of their financial resources.

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