HONOLULU – Unwanted boats are filling up Hawai’i harbors.

The state says there are 30 impounded boats across the state — most of them are on O’ahu. Several are locked up at their slips at the Ala Wai Boat Harbor.

One of the first sights you see as you look over the harbor is the Navatek II. The massive boat is leaning badly to one side. In addition to that, there are sailboats and even large engine-powered boats with notices from the state posted all over the vessels — all off limits to owners and left to whither away in the elements for months, or even years at a time.

Other boaters say the unwanted boats are an eyesore and they are costing the state thousands of dollars every month. One Ala Wai boater, Susan Ray, said, “There are all kinds of slips open that they could be generating income.”

The director of the State Boating Division says even if they cleared out the impounded boats, the state still wouldn’t rent out the slips. That’s because the space will be used for visiting boats that are coming here for this summer’s Trans Pacific Race. Once that ends in July, the available slips will go up for rent.

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