on the march

Big Pimpin'

It was supposed to be just two, and only two, 52 Super Series teams convening in Valencia for a little informal testing and tuning. But two became eight and the week of informal tuning and testing culminated in what became known on the old Victory Challenge dock as the FOMO Regatta, aka Fear Of Missing Out.

‘When once we were looking for half a boat length here and there, now it is down to a metre, so every minute we can get afloat counts,’ contends Andy Hemmings, trimmer on Andy Soriano’s Alegre, who along with Sled had planned the Valencia initiative.

Aside from the chance to settle in new crew line-ups, up for testing too were a new Botín bulb and rudder developed for the new Bronenosec, and since fitted to most of the Botín designs, countered by a new keel and bulb for the two recent Vrolijk boats, Provezza and Platoon. Read on.