second guessing

Why replacing thousands and thousands of boats if the Laser can do the job, as it has done over the past 20 years or so? There may be around 2,000 RS Aeros around, yet the boat is pretty recent and has not been tested as much as the Laser. The price of an Aero is higher and there is only one builder so far. While we might like the Aero, It’s unlikely that official representatives at World Sailing will be enthused by that.

World Sailing will probably need to postpone its decision to November, given the uncertainties surrounding the Laser. But then, if the Laser gets its house in order, the decision in favor of the Laser should be an easy one, even if unfair to the RS Aero, which secured a higher score.

Now, is this a good scenario for the sport of sailing to keep the status quo and to continue with the Laser for both men and women at the 2024 Olympics? The answer is no. And here is why. Read on.