the matrix

World Sailing released on May 3rd the report of the Evaluation Panel of its Equipment Committee for the selection of a single-hander dinghy for the 2024 Olympics.

The report follows a tender that was issued on May 25 2018, which called for bids to potentially replace the Laser.  Read our article Singlehanded Dinghies for the 2024 Olympics: Selection Criteria and Potential Contenders for more background on the invitation to bid by World Sailing.

World Sailing’s evaluation panel is composed of board members, staff, and members of the equipment and events committees as well as of the medical commission. There was also a coach nominated by World Sailing’s coaches commission. In total, there were 12 people involved. In addition, there were 11 sailors that were selected to participate in the sea trials that took place in Valencia, Spain, on March 11-15.

As previously reported in this blog, this exercise was going to be challenging, as numerous considerations are to be taken into account. The reference document for the re-evaluation is the « Equipment Committee Criteria for the re-evaluation of equipment under Regulation 23.6 » Yet, the evaluation panel was given ample latitude to come up with its own criteria and evaluation matrix, which where not known in advance by the bidding companies.

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