out there

Big Pimpin'

What has 36ft, a reverse sheer like a narwhal’s back, a dreadnought bow and chamfered shoulders, nine-foot draught, whale fin rudders with frontedge tubercles, a five-degree raked and fully adjustable HR40 carbon mast, a transverse sliding C-foil that jabs out of its topsides like extendable fangs – and no accommodation whatsoever? The new ClubSwan 36 looks breathtakingly extreme.

Its vital stats – SA/D of around 50 and ballast ratio of 47 per cent – promise interesting performance. And that’s without counting the tonne or more of dynamic lift that the foil generates on a broad reach with 15° of heel. Hard on the wind and heeled a bit further, that same foil produces so much sideways force that you’re looking at negative leeway. Judging the right moment to tack, to lay a windward mark without overshooting it, requires you to recalibrate one of the basic instincts of sailing. Read on.