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Pelagic Expeditions has teamed up with the celebrated marine and wildlife photographer Rick Tomlinson for an exotic (cool exotic) cruise to the Falkland Islands in early November 2019 on the well known expedition sailing vessel Pelagic Australis.

Let me explain about the Falkland Islands.  It is not an evident place to take a holiday cruise.  The landscape looks like many parts of the Scottish coast.  So why go all the way down there you might ask? The fact is to appreciate this little known, under sung cruising ground, you just have to go and rub your nose in it.  It is all about getting boots on the ground and experiencing one of the most prolific regions for marine wildlife and terrestrial raptors (that will steal your cap off your head on a fly by) in the world.   You want to see albatross? Steeple Jason Island is home to the biggest Black Browed Albatross colony in the world with hundreds of thousands nesting at the time of year on one stretch of beach.

Sea lions, Peales and Commersons Dolphins, Gentoo and Rockhopper Penguins are in abundance and with a dry suit you can snorkel with these critters in the kelp forests through crystal clear water. Male Elephant Seals, weighing in at four tonnes and their harems are also present on the beaches.  And the whales, lots!

Our routine is moving around the archipelago on the fresh winds and strong tides, anchoring every night and spending the maximum time ashore hiking on remote, hilly landscapes and shorelines.  It is likely we would not see another cruising boat during the two week junket. Counter intuitively, the weather can be rugged, but as the islands are downwind from the Andes, it is generally pretty dry with clear skies.

This cruise is billed as a photo safari with Rick, who will be giving tips to budding shooters, but it is not necessary to be an enthusiast.  You can just enjoy the days through the lenses of your own eyes. Any trout fisherman out there? We will be going for Browns.

But I have to be crystal clear here.  This is not a rum sunset job with full service.  When you sign on as crew you will be fully engaged sailing, in anchoring manuvers, tender launching and not to mention helping in the galley.  With the three professional crew we are an expedition team which means we are on the go from sun up to sun down. No slackers need apply! And sorry, no push winches either.

If this doesn’t fit into your schedule, or you are looking for something even more challenging check out our web site Programmes Menu http://www.pelagic.co.uk/programme.asp    We have a schedule up through the 2020/2021 season in the far south with cruises to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula.

And now I can hear it already.  “Gee I would like to go, but can’t really afford it.”  (could be time, money or both). I say, can you afford not to?

Skip Novak

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