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Marina del Rey, CA (May 5, 2019) —  California Yacht Club played host to the long running show known as the US Optimist Team Trials. (By the way, the CYC is Hiring!) Most sailors arrived at least 3-5 days in advance to practice and train for a highly competitive, nerve-racking four more days of championship sailing. There will be school make-up work to pay for this crowd!

The results of the US Team Trials in the Optimist Class annually determine the fate of the nations top young sailors, as the results are used from this one regatta to choose international teams, and who is invited to join the US National Team, and the US Development Team.

S1D’s Optimist expert Bernat Gali wrote several weeks ago about this Mt. Everest of Optimist events; check it out! Is this the best way to choose our top kids? Is it best for them? Would a compilation of several events be a better way? Who knows. The bottom line is that this event really can bring out the best in our sailors, but also can be enormously stressful, for parents, coaches, and kids. Host CYC did a tremendous job, along with the usual incredible work by the USODA.

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