injured dragon

For those who thought the stored battery power and computer assist made these SailGP catamarans safe and easy to sail, think again.

SailGP’s Team China fell off her foils on San Francisco earlier today and nose dived big time. Kind of like driving your car into a brick wall.

It is too early to say whether it was operator error,  sudden windshift or a glitch in the control system, but at this stage it doesn’t matter, the end result is an early end to the day’s training and a long night ahead for the shore team.

One thing for sure, the crew – who are all safe and uninjured by the way – are not just out there tootling around sightseeing, they are pushing, and clearly discovering, the edges of these beasts’ envelope.

Only consolation is it didn’t happen on race day. As they say “Train like you are racing”

Shanghai Sailor