nicely done

Asia (Joanna) Pajkowska the Polish Skipper of ‘FanFan’ a 40-ft aluminium yacht became the first Polish woman to circumnavigate the globe singlehanded, unaided and non-stop, when she returned to Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, UK at 08.40 GMT on Sunday 28th April.

Asia Pajkowska, who originally set sail from Mayflower Marina in Britain’s Ocean City, Plymouth on Sunday 23rd September 2018, spent 216 days alone at sea on board her yacht ‘FanFan’ whilst undertaking her adventurous sailing expedition of nearly 29,000 nautical miles.

In an incredible feat of skill and determination the award winning, solo sailor took a classic sea route east round the three famous capes of Africa, Australia and South America, with no outer medical or technical support. Asia, 60, remarkably accomplished this trip without making any stops to ports and whilst battling some heavy gales and at one point breaking her ribs.
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