class action

“It shall be the policy of the Association to maintain the Laser as the epitome of a strict one-design class of sailboat.” — International Laser Class Association Constitution.

LaserPerformance provided an updated statement on the so called Aussie Lasers on April 27 2019, with 2 supporting emails from the International Laser Class Association (ILCA).

Defect Notice

The first email is dated March 18 2015. The email / letter is a « Defect Notice, » addressed to the Chairman of Performance Sailcraft Australia Pty, Ltd.

It states that there were 2,280 boats, produced between 2006 and 2015, that are known not to comply with the manufacturing specifications of the Laser Construction Manual.

« The defect is an additional layer of approximately 300g/m2 chopped strand mat (« CSM ») included in the hull laminate forward of the centerboard case to the bow of the boats …. the existence of which has been confirmed by visual inspection and technical analysis of a deconstructed sample PSA boat. »

See the screenshot of the area where the CSM layer is positioned.

« PSA has 30 days from the receipt of this notice to give notice to ILCA of the actions it will take to remedy the defect outlined in this notice » further reads the Defect Notice.

« ILCA takes this matter very seriously and we encourage you to work with us towards a remedy as quickly as possible »

The email is signed by Eric Faust, General Manager of the International Laser Class Association. Read on.