All my life I’ve denied it but I’ve now concluded sailing is a highly addictive drug.  I’ve been on and off the wagon (sailboat) many times in my life.  Those around me have worked tirelessly to get me off the drug and keep me off.

“It controls your life!” They say.  “It sucks up all your money!”  “It affects your job performance!”  “Think of the children!”

Yes, I say, as I nod my head to their pleas and pretend to agree with them.  But it’s hard staying off the drug.  Still, I knew one day I’d fall back in to the blue abyss.  And when I did, I’d fall hard.

And I did.  But this time, no more fighting, no more interventions.  Just bliss.

Now, where do I find that next thousand I need to break out?

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