yahoos need not apply

From the Fabulous Forums…

Kudos to the Siebels for funding the most ambitious community sailing program in US in a generation or three.  Now leave it up to US Sailing to anoint three of the five funded locations without so much as an application or review to well-established (ie, Blue Blazer) locals on East/West/Top coasts.  Locating these new programs in areas already well-served by yacht clubs, sailing programs, etc sorta misses the whole point, no?  Looking at the map, I see the entire Yahoo South is omitted.  I suppose they will award one to Miami to compliment the US Sailing Center there huh?

How about the Great State of Texas?  Second largest state in Union with nearly 30 million souls and a large minority population, and growing?  How come US Sailing doesn’t award one to Houston/Dallas/Austin network covering most of the sailing in the state?  How come Atlanta or NOLA isn’t included?  How about St. Louis?  Do we really need ANOTHER location in San Fran?  Annapolis?  Chicago?  Come on US Sailing.  You remind me of US Tennis Association.  All the $$$ goes to the Haves, not the Have-nots.

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