the splice of life

Big Pimpin'

Did you know that a well spliced rope will typically retain 90% of its strength?

Marlow Ropes is well-known for providing helpful education resources and advice for sailors, and this year, the leading rope manufacturer is pleased to launch a new and improved on-line collection of splicing tutorials.

From the advanced D2 (Dyneema®) Eye Splice to the intermediate Excel Taper and  beginner level Continuous Loop control line splice; Marlow will guide you step-by-step through a range of 11 splices, suitable for all types of sailor and for all abilities, allowing you to improve and master your seamanship skills to get your rigging ready for the start of the season.  

With over 150 years of combined splicing knowledge and experience, splicing is integral to Marlow’s product and service, with their splicing service available to trade and commercial customers for bespoke rope assemblies, slings and strops across the industrial, vehicle and working-at-height industries.  In the marine industry, Marlow works with leading rigging professionals and consults many of the world’s leading race teams (including the British, US and European sailing teams amongst others). 

The full splicing collection will be released over the start of the summer.  To view the first three films in the series, click here.  For hands-on splicing demonstrations and advice, find Marlow at boat shows and events across the UK & Europe, or enquire about attending one of their UK nationwide Rope-Shows at a sailing club near you.