ask and ye shall receive

It is topics like this that illustrate one of the better aspects of our Fabulous Forums…

It’s time for a cruising boat and I just stumbled on the C&C 34+. It seems to have several names, and several different options (Race/cruise/some combo of the two). I’m draft restricted for club storage so I’d be stuck with the shoal draft version. Is that a deal breaker for this boat? It seems to tic every box otherwise. Wife is dead set on a Jeanneau in the 34-38′ range which I’m fine with, but the C&C seems to be more/better boat for the money.

Anyone have experience with these things?

Any suggestions in the 33-38′ range that sails well, 6′ max draft and is comfortable for wife and toddler (easy companionway and decently comfortable cockpit)? 2 cabins, ability for below deck AP and swim platform are also high on the list. Sabre 34 Targa seemed a good option but maybe too slow? I’ll still be racing the big boats so will get my speed fix elsewhere, but I think I’d lose my shit if I were stuck going 5 knots in every direction… Budget in the 50K range I think.

Jump in and discuss.