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Big Pimpin'

In the last decade Evolution Sails has grown from a small go-it-alone loft in New Zealand to an internationally recognized brand with an expanding network of franchise lofts in major markets, a proprietary membrane plant supplying an extensive list of independent lofts and a healthy stronghold in its target market.

‘It has been a phenomenal ride,’ says founder and owner Rodney Keenan, who began sailmaking in 1991 with Lidgard Sails and then worked with Doyle and Qantum.

‘Evolution Sails has been recording annual growth between 20-30 per cent. We have lofts in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Italy, Norway, Spain and Canada and we are continuing discussions about more franchises coming on board. We frequently have new groups coming to see what we are doing with a view to signing up.’

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