psycho tiller

Thanks to Psycho Tiller in the Fabulous Forums…

The new do everything, 32-33 ft racer cruiser, shorthanded, weapon of mass fun market just became a little more crowded with the first JPK 1030 splashing yesterday.  Interesting to me how the JPK 1030, J/99, Sunfast 3300, Ofcet 32, Figaro, and probably a couple others (Pogo?) seem to have all emerged around the same time.  Coincidence?  Result of secret spy intel amongst designers and builders?  Just a response to the growing market for shorthanded ocean racers?  Will MacGregor come out with a new motor sailor of the same genre? :D

The JPK 1030 gets my vote but I’m biased.  I seriously considered ordering a 1030 a while ago but found a used 1080 that didn’t require waiting 2 years.  Will be interesting to see how the 1030 does in the Spi Ouest France in a couple weeks.  The first JPK 1030 just splashed yesterday, not much time to get it dialed in but I’m sure JP will get her figured out and moving fast.

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