cold water kids

In San Diego, we freak out when the temperature drops below 60….

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – For many, sailing spans generations. “My dad is a sailor, my grandpa is a sailor, so it was just passed on to me,” said student sailor Mark Hofmeister.  “I picked it up and I love it.”

The Buffalo High School Sailing program has been training students across Western New York since 2009. “To be involved in this tradition, it’s more than one could fathom,” said student sailor Garrett Grenauer.

Any High schooler can come and create or join a team. Each team practices twice a week at the Buffalo Yacht Club and race Friday-Sunday.

“They can expect to learn not only skills on the water but sportsmanship,” said Co-Director of the program, Katie Braungart. “They get to work on team building with not only their team but other teams.”

Student sailors say they love the comradery almost as much as they love being on the water.  “It’s been a really great experience meeting all these people and you stay friends with them for life,” said student sailor Julia Beck.

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