gamma gamma hey

This was a day of speculation over the Internet, following the revelation on a discussion forum that the Website http://gammaclass.org was pointing towards the international Laser class.

This redirection was soon removed. Yet, this was enough to feed the speculation that the new name for the boat would be the  Gamma  With a possible new logo looking like a gamma from the greek alphabet (see picture).

A query into the trademark application database from the United States Patent and Trademark Office indicates indeed that an application for « Gamma » was filed on Nov 29 2018 by a Delaware registered corporation named … Weather Helm Inc.!

The application covers a wide range of goods and services, including sailboats, booms, rudders, sails and arranging, conducting and organizing events and competitions in the sport of sailing.

The latest activity on this application is Feb 28 2019. There are several issues regarding this application, and the applicants have 6 months to address those.

But there is another trademark application by the same Weather Helm corporation! That one is for … ILCA!

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Title inspiration thanks to The Ramones.