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Olympic Classes – Trofeo Princesa Sofia – Palma ESP – Day 4 – US Sailing Team 49er, Lasers Standard and Radial and the RS:X men windsurfer in top-10s

Six US Sailing Team members remain in the top-10 (-1) of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia after yesterdays races, i.e. in the 49ers, the Lasers Standard and Radial and the RS:X men windsurfers Strong performance of both USA Laser Standard helmsmen remaining in the top-10, and especially Christopher Barnard who has brilliantly taken the overall lead with a 2-point advantage. Charlie Buckingham on 8th keeps a solid top-10 rank with an 11-point reserve on rank 10, and this inspite of a DNF in the second race of the day. In the Lasers Radial, Erika Reineke USA defended the 3rd place. Paige Railey USA on 9th keeps a 5-point advantage on rank 10. In the 49ers, Andrew Mollerus/Ian MacDiarmid USA are back in the top-10 (rank 8), but the gap to the 10th place is only one point. Paris Henken/Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias USA in the 49erFX are now on the 11th place, missing the Medal Race cut by 6 points up to now. In the RS:X men windsurfers, Pedro Pascal Suitt USA defended the 10th place. Farrah Hall however was eliminated from the top-10 and is now on rank 16 in the RS:X women .Behind a Medal Race position after 12 races are also Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis USA as 12th in the Nacra-17 with a 9-point backlog on rank 10.Today, the last and crucial Final Series races will be held to qualify for the Medal Races of Saturday. Please find hereafter all results of the North American participants (CAN/MEX/PUR/USA):470 men (75 boats, 8 races): 38th Stuart McNay/David Hughes USA 470 women (46 boats, 8 races): 24th Nikole Barnes/Lara Dallman-Weiss USA, 32nd Carmen Emma Cowles USA, 36th Atlantic Nora Brugman Cabot USA, 45th Kathleen Tocke/Charlie Bess USA49er (108 boats, 9 races): 8th Andrew Mollerus/Ian MacDiarmid USA, 39th Nevin Snow/Dane Wilson USA, 40th William Jones/Evan Depaul CAN, 43rd Harry Melges/Finn Rowe USA, 51st Judge Ryan/Hans Henken USA, 53rd Ian Barrows/Joseph Kiss USA, 49erFX (66 boats, 12 races): 11th Paris Henken/Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias USA, 13th Stephanie Roble/Magaret Shea USA, 33rd Kate Shaner/Charlotte Mack USA, 35th Alexandra Ten Hove/Mariah Millen CANFinn (89 boats, 8 races): 30th Caleb Paine USA, 37th Kyle Martin CAN, 39th Tom Ramshaw CAN, 44th Luke Muller, 62nd Eric Anderson USA, 79th Jack Jennings USALaser Standard (198 boats, 8 races): 1st Christopher Barnard USA, 8th Charlie Buckingham USA, 35th Robert Davis CAN, 50th Luke Ruittenberg CAN, 54th Malcolm Lamphere USA, 58th Marek Zaleski USA, 61st Pedro Luis Fernandez Gamboa PUR, 102nd Justin Norton CAN, 106th Yanic Gentry MEX, 127th Forrest Wachholz CAN, 133rd Paul Didham USA, 134th Hugh MacRea CAN, 150th Norman Struthers CAN, 152th Juan Ignacio Perez Soltero MEXLaser Radial (123 boats, 8 races): 3rd Erika Reineke USA, 9th Paige Railey USA, 48th Sarah Douglas CAN, 57th Maura Dewey CAN, 60th Clara Gravely CAN, 64th Lillian Myers USA, 73rd Coralie Vittecoq CAN, 76th Christina Sakellaris USA, 89th Hanne Weaver USANacra-17 (60 boats: 12 races): 12th Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis USA, 28th Bora Gulari/Louisa Chafee USA, 31st Ravi Parent/Caroline Atwood USA, 37th Sarah Newberry/David Liebenberg USA, 44th Enrique Figueroa/Gretchen Ortiz PUR, 49th Allie Surrette/Max Flinn CAN RS:X men (69 boards, 8 races): 10th Pedro Pascal Suitt USA, 20th Ignacio Berenguer MEXRS:X women (57 boards, 8 races): 15th Cristina Ortiz Vivas MEX, 16th Farrah Hall, 22nd Mariana Aguilar MEX, 34th Carolina Mendelblatt USAAnd here the overall daily summary after day one:A fresh Northwind from the shore prevailed on day 4 of the Trofeo Princesa Sofia on Palma Bay, causing some changes in the rankings. In the 470 men, the leaders Dahlberg/Bergström SWE extended their advantage on Patience/Grube GBR to 14 points. On rank 3 follow now Snow-Hansen/Willcox NZL. The days best Belcher/Ryan AUS, Olympic Champions, moved up on the 4th place. Camille Lecointre/Alou00efse Retornaz FRA remain on top of the 470 women, but Hannah Mills/Eilidh McIntyre GBR only 3 points back keep in contact. New on rank 3 are Mrak/Macarol SLO. In the 49ers, Fletcher/Bithell GBR increased their advantage over the 2nd-ranked Lange/Lange ARG on 15 points. Botin/Rodriguez ESP are new on rank 3. On the move up are the Olympic Champions Burling/Tuke NZL in their first race since the Rio Games. As 5th , their backlog on the podium is down on 6 points. In the 49ersFX, the Olympic Champions Martine Grael/Kahena Kunze BRA are now dominating the fleet with a 19-point lead over Alexandra Maloney/Molly Meech NZL, closely followed by Dobson/Tidey GBR on 3rd. Andrew Malone NZL remains first in the Finns followed by Giles Scott GBR and Josh Junior NZL at equal points on 2nd and 3rd. Clear leaders in the Nacra 17 are Jason Waterhouse/Lisa Darmanin AUS 10 points ahead of John Gimson/Anna Burnett GBR. Vittorio Bissaro/Maelle Frascari ITA follow on the 3rd place. In the RS:X men windsurfers , Hao Chen CHN is now unchallenged on top with sa 16 points advantage on Michael Cheng HKG. Mateo Sanz-Lanz SUI descended on the 3rd position. In the RS:X women , Yue Tan CHN extended her lead on Hei Man Chan HKG to 15 points. In the Lasers Standard, the leading group remains is very close together with Christopher Barnard USA new on top. Finn Lynch IRL follows 2 points behind on 2nd, Elliot Hanson GBR advanced on rank 3. Today, the Final Series selecting the 10 best for the Medal Race will be concluded. The ranks 10 to 15 are separated by 6 points only, with among others, Jean-Baptiste Bernaz FRA (rank 12) and Robert Scheidt BRA (rank 13).Anne-Marie Rindom DEN had not her best day in the Lasers Radial, but she stays on top with a big 19-point lead on Marit Bouwmeester NED. Erika Reineke USA defended her 3rd place. Woman of the day was Maxime Jonker NED with two bullets up on 6th overall.All ranking lists and the official daily news. Today, the last fleetraces are on the program before the Medal Races of Saturday. All ranking lists, the official daily news and the video of the day.