knowledge is king

Big Pimpin'

One of our newest advertisers, KND Sailing Performance, wants you to know where their products are:

– TP52 super series winner Quantum use it
– Maxi72 worlds winner Momo uses it
– Sydney to Hobart winner Wild Oats uses it
– Volvo Ocean Race winners Dongfeng used it

But it’s not rocket science! Data analysis has now been made easy with KND SailingPerformance’s powerful RaceReplay software, a unique performance analysis tool.

In just a couple of simple steps you will:

– get a report on instrument calibration, and finally get rid of that annoying 15 degree right shift on every tack
– get an accurate answer on which is best: high and slow or low and fast ?
– figure out what difference that staysail really makes. Sure, you heel more, but is it fast ?
– check if you were really only half a boat length over the start line, and whether maybe you should have tacked a little deeper in the start box.
– be able to quantify how much you really lose in a tack in 15kn of wind and choppy seas

and much more!