sail or bail

God damn, that is a funny video. The thing actually is for sale:

The sail area of this high speed sail, 170 km/h?, 110 mph?, is only 2.5 sqm, or half that of an ordinary course racing wing.  It is made of polyester sail cloth with horizontal aluminum ribs. It is held taught by vertical aluminum struts. Its width is tailor made for a quite thin person like me 70 kg, 155 lb., 185 cm, (6 ft 6 inch). The width at shoulder height can be altered relatively easy by removing and reshaping ribs.

The height of the sail is 2.6 m, sail area 2.95 sqm, reef able to height 2.1 m, sail area 2.5 sqm.

It has a window of poly carbonate, 30 cm high, in the leading edge, starting 144 cm from the bottom.
The wing has a vertical stabilizer on a boom. The stabilizer is steered via lines with a handle in front of the sailor. 
At tests in moderate winds, speed some 60 km/h, 40 mph, stabilizer was flexing around its boom. Have been fixed with a second higher boom.
For transport and storage it folds into a very compact  some 2 x .4 x .5 m, 7 x 1.5 x 2 feet, package. weight around 10 kg, 22 lb.  Some rough drawings, sketches and notes from the construction and test sails and modifications are available.Designer, builder and sailor Anders Ansar. Price some US$8900, check it.