rich man, poor man

Best post yet on the Olympic “Offshore” boat…

I congratulate WS. Finally we have recognition that sailing is a rich person’s sport and we have an event that will exclude the great unwashed. This harks back to the golden era of Olympic sailing between 1920 and 1932 when Olympic sailing was recognized as an exclusive gentleman’s sport and proud of it!.  That was the era of the privately owned 8 meters  for four Olympic cycles and of course….1920 was the jubilee year…..when the working classes are distracted by mundane matters such as the great depression and unemployment but gentlemen were racing 12 meter yachts at the Olympics.

There was none of this nonsense about gender neutrality or crap about including 3rd world countries like India or China. Olympic sailing was a decent yacht from a proper country sailed by someone with the means to pay their own way without being subsidized by the taxpayer.

A yacht costing $200,000 or so, should bring back some decent owner types and if they choose to hire a professional sailor so that they can buy an Olympic medal in addition to their son’s place at Stanford….all credit to them. Its capitalism at work.

I think it diminishes the event to allow charter boats or provided boat.  If you cant afford it,  you shouldn’t be there.  That is why they are called Olympic trials.   Jump in the thread.