‘canes a comin’

The Environment

The coming Atlantic and Caribbean/GOM Hurricane season…

In 68 days we will enter into the 2019 hurricane season for those basins listed above. If you have not already arranged for insurance, this might be a good time to do so if you want the policy in force before the official start to the season arrives. There is still a lot of runway left before the 2019 is likely to get underway but for now, the Sea Surface Temperatures in the breading ground that would effect those slammed by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have thermodynamic numbers on their side. Water temps between the Cape Verde Islands and the Windward Islands is at or below normal. While this could change, at least it is a hopeful point for our friends at Bitter End Yacht club who are rebuilding and for Bernard Appie Stoutenbeek and the Lagoon Marina team on St. Maarten. My fingers are crossed that this will be a mild season and allow the repairs to continue and the foliage to continue to return. You mosquitoes can continue to stay away thank you very much.

More later as the tea leaves on the 2019 season arrange.