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Big Pimpin'

SV Rosie G
 is unlike anything we have seen before… or is it? Junk rig, scow bow, shallow draft, electric motor, and a keel designed for grounding, all in a 42’ “modern” cruising boat. GMT Composites built the free standing carbon rig for Rosie G, and Samantha and Barry Spanier’s dream is becoming a reality.

Barry, probably best known for designing and producing windsurf sails that set world records, has teamed up with naval architect Jim Antrim to build a one-of-a-kind sailing vessel, being built by the team at Berkeley Marine Center. Barry’s goals are practical – fewest moving parts, simple everything, easy to board, easy to sail, shallow draft, fast, dry, and stable – all elements that are enhanced with a super light, super strong, carbon mast that requires no standing rigging.

He took a number of traditional concepts, and combined them with modern materials and technology, resulting in a design that will be sure to turn some heads. For more information, click here