sail or bail?

The auto newsletter Jalopnik has a funny feature called “Nice Price or Crack Pipe” where they present certain used cars and ask the question: Nice price, or crack pipe?

Or version is “Sail or Bail” and we start it off with this unreal trick Hobie 33 Located in Santa Barbara, CA. There is not a chance that there is a more custom, super trick Hobie 33, anywhere (Although Still Crazy is pretty trick). Click on the link here to see for yourself what they have done to the boat and it is nothing short of incredible.

Two problems come to mind: A) it is still a Hobie 33 and B) An asking price of $92,500. Nobody is doubting the money it cost to get this thing the way it is, but $92k? We say Bail. What say you?

And if you have a good candidate for this, send it on it to me! – ed.